【Food for the soul to tremble】 Garlic


Garlic introduction

Garlic is one of the essential ingredients in processed foods. In search of garlic, I visited Aomori Prefecture in Japan, Castilla-La Mancha in Spain, Andalusia in the south, and Shandong, Henan and Jiangsu in China, the largest producers. Of these, Shandong Province is the largest production area, accounting for about 50% of the planted area in China.

Garlic is widely recognized as a nourishing tonic and fatigue recovery material, and has been established as a traditional food that is not affected by the boom due to its rich food experience. In the market, processed foods such as health foods and beverages that allow you to take garlic ingredients more efficiently are distributed.

Garlic is located at the top of the Designer Foods Pyramid (National Cancer Institute), which picks up 37 types of plant materials. It is gaining worldwide attention as a food that is effective in boosting immunity and preventing lifestyle-related diseases. The main components of garlic are allicin and scordinine. Allicin has a stimulating odor (aroma component) peculiar to garlic, and also has a strong bactericidal and antibacterial action. Scordinine enhances the function of vitamin B1 and has a fatigue recovery effect.

Regarding the recent market trend, the evaluation of black garlic (6 pieces from Aomori Prefecture) is increasing, and imports from Spain are on the rise, and stable supply is the key to avoiding price fluctuation risk.

Ramen and garlic

When you go to eat ramen, some shops offer raw garlic as a topping. If you add raw garlic, it will be much richer and you will have the urge to taste the soup until the end. Why does garlic make ramen so delicious?

Even if you add a small amount of garlic to ramen, you can immediately see the change in taste. The rich flavor enhances the richness of the soup and makes the soul tremble. As it is, delicious ramen becomes even more delicious.

Also, by adding garlic to the ramen, you can incorporate the active ingredient derived from garlic into your body. The ingredients of allicin and scordinine contained in garlic have a beneficial effect on health and raise the nutrients of one cup of ramen. Not only the taste but also the physical effect can be expected. I want to proactively incorporate it while being aware of the proper intake.

How garlic works

The health boom has increased the number of people who like and eat garlic dishes. Some people dislike the peculiar odor, but when they get used to it, the odor still feels delicious. Introducing the excellent effect of garlic.

1 Immunity enhancement and antibacterial disease prevention

Allicin and scordinine, which are the active ingredients of garlic, have the function of improving blood circulation, warming the body, and enhancing immunity. In addition, research reports that allicin’s bactericidal and antibacterial effects are extremely strong. It warms the body, and its strong bactericidal action enhances the natural healing power, making it less likely to get sick.

2 Blood circulation improvement and stress relief

By combining allicin, which is the main component of garlic, with vitamin B1, it becomes a multifunctional alliamine, which improves the metabolism of vascular cells, maintains youthful elasticity, and cleans muddy blood. .. In addition, Alithiamine suppresses abnormal excitement of the brain and central nervous system, soothes it, and acts on intestinal bacteria to increase the intestinal temperature keeping effect and eliminate diarrhea and insomnia.

3 Sodium measures

Garlic contains a large amount of potassium. Potassium removes sodium from the blood, keeps blood pressure normal, and improves high blood pressure.

4 Fatigue recovery

One of the causes of fatigue is lack of vitamin B group. When group B is insufficient, the sugars that are the energy source are not sufficiently burned in the body, resulting in symptoms such as dullness. Garlic has the effect of relieving fatigue.

Aged garlic

Black garlic is made by aging garlic itself as a raw material and allowing it to age for several weeks in an environment of high temperature and high humidity. The enzyme of garlic decomposes it, and the produced amino acid and sugar turn brown due to the Maillard reaction and turn black. A typical example of the Maillard reaction is that onions are fried to change to a candy color, and coffee beans change to black when roasted. The characteristic of black garlic is that the scent and nutritional components are different from ordinary garlic.

S-allyl cysteine, a component that is expected to have an antioxidant effect by aging, is about 4 times as much as ordinary garlic, free amino acid is about 1.5 times as much as ordinary garlic, and polyphenol is more than several times as much as garlic.

Unlike ordinary garlic, black garlic has a rich and fruity scent, so you don’t have to worry about bad breath. As it matures, its sugar content increases, making it ideal as a sweet, healthy snack.


Garlic has been popular all over the world for a long time. If you add a small amount of garlic to the dish, the rich flavor will spread and the case will be further enhanced satisfaction when you eat food is also a bit of a satisfaction.

While the scent of garlic arouse people’s appetite, it is a strong smell that remains in your mouth forever. The peculiar odor is due to a component called allicin, which is created by damaging garlic. Allicin is an excellent component that is effective in sterilizing and antibacterial action, improving blood circulation, and recovering from fatigue.

Aged black garlic has a fruity scent and contains many ingredients that are effective for health. It is expected to contribute to health and is ideal for snacks when you are hungry.

Let’s get a healthy body by actively incorporating garlic into our daily diet and gaining the power of garlic, which has various possibilities.